The Naked Truth DVD




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The Naked Truth DVD

“The Naked Truth” (“TNT”) series consists of a video that delve into the origins of religion, providing some of the important information found in The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God – Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled. 

Why is there no contemporary evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed?

This unique series is excellent for turning on friends and family to this explosive info. It is also a superb teaching tool for schools and churches, done in a very professional manner with distinguished spokespeople. The series is not a dry, scholarly chronicle, but incorporates relevant and fascinating facts into an accessible and comprehensible format for everyone of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Find out the secrets behind Christianity! 

Why are the religious symbols of ancient Egypt almost identical to those of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions?

Learn how orthodox religious institutions have suppressed these truths to consolidate their power over the masses!


Documentaries – Corporate America and career politicians do not want you to see this information ever… If you are looking for truth as you never heard it before you’re in the right place. If you are looking for a Hi-Definition, HD, 1080p etc. documentaries or movies do not under any circumstance buy this product. Production budgets are often low, and emphasis is on new information not seen before. DVD picture quality may vary between titles and is determined by the original production and completely beyond our control. The DVD in this listing comes as pictured in the photos and is in a black paper sleeve. No hard plastic cover of any kind.

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