Islam What the West needs to Know DVD


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Islam What the West needs to Know


Simple facts, stated clearly and convincingly. The particular strength of this documentary is its educational value. The focus is on mainstream Islamic doctrine and based on Islamic sources it shows that the anti-democratic tendencies we are witnessing in today’s Islam, have always been a core ingredient of Allah’s cure for the whole world. This film does not replicate the error of the deeply flawed and in many ways false distinction between an elusive peaceful and even tolerant Islamic doctrine versus a tiny bunch of violent radicals. Osama basically followed in the Prophet’s very own footsteps when it comes to violence. What amazes me is that in Islam the bloody violence perpetrated by Muhammed himself is presented with pride in their holy books. When after viewing this DVD you still persist in adhering to the slogan that states “Islam is a religion of peace”, you deliberately choose not to take Islam seriously. Please take it serious. It’s the least you can do. The political elites won’t do it for you. 98 minutes.


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