Don't Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic – DVD


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Don’t Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic-


highlights the fact that, across the United States, Americans are exercising their rights and expressing their discontent with the government, but it doesn’t end there. State legislators and more localized politicians across the United States are stepping up to exercise state rights in the face of the federal government. What’s clear is that it’s no secret that the government has become ‘pushier’ since 9/11 and even more so since the election of 2008.

What’s even more evident is the social and political lines are being drawn more sharply from coast to coast.

You’ve got to ask yourself one question though. What side do you stand on?

Before you take that step though you’ve got to realize what you believe. In this age of purposeful misinformation and with the uniformed who perpetuate that misinformation make it hard to tell what’s what concerning the truth about freedom movements in the United States. “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” give you, the viewer, an informed look into the impassioned mindsets behind these freedom movements. The everyday people that exist across the nation, in the spirit of 1776, looking to a restoration of the core default individual and states’ rights as per the Constitution


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