Assassination of JFK JR. DVD


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Assassination of JFK JR.

Overwhelming, jaw-dropping evidence of foul play in the death of
John Kennedy Jr., all based on official government documents: the search of the
crash site was delayed an incomprehensible 15 hours; there was, indeed, a
flight instructor on the plane, whose body is missing; it is clear that someone
one on that plane committed suicide, shutting off the fuel control valve before
plunging the plane into the sea. The prime suspect, George W. Bush, though very
publicly running for president, disappeared the day of the murder and stayed
missing for 3 days. Members of the press, seeking his comments on the death of
another president's son, found that his staff could not say where Bush was,
what he was doing or even when he would be back.


Documentaries – Corporate America and career politicians do

not want you to see this information ever… If you are looking for truth as
you never heard it before you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a
Hi-Definition, HD, 1080p etc. documentaries or movies do not under any
circumstance buy this product. Production budgets are often low, and emphasis is
on new information not seen before. DVD picture quality may vary between titles
and is determined by the original production and completely beyond our control.

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